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I spent three years flying formation aerobatic displays with the SILVER FALCONS, the National Display Team of the South African Air Force. This high risk environment has a small margin for error. Team work, trust and discipline are key ingredients for success. I know operate large Airbus A330/350 airliners all over the globe, taking passengers and cargo to international destinations scuh as: New York, London, Munich, Hong Kong and Sao Paulo.


I have studied High Performance Teams and operated in High Performance Teams, now let me share my story with you, about what you can all learn from them. 


Do you operate in a team environment?

Do you want to improve your team's performance?

Get in contact and we can tailor a solution for your needs.


The disciplines and habits of High Performance Teams, with the principal of INCREMENTAL GAINS, will help your team improve. There are 3 steps to achieve incremental gains:

    1.  Thorough Preparation

    2.  Execution with Precision

    3.  Review

Let me SHARE these concepts with YOUR team.


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