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I have been a professional pilot for 21 years. I am Air Force trained and served 10 years in the South African Air Force. My final three years were spent flying formation aerobatic displays with the Silver Falcons, the National Aerobatic Display Team of the SA Air Force. This High Risk environment has little margin for error. Team work, discipline and trust are key ingredients for success.

The next 12 years were spent operating Airbus and Boeing airliners all over the globe, taking passengers and cargo to international destinations such as:  New York, London, Munich, Mumbai, Hong Kong and Sao Paulo.

As host of 'Alex MacPhail Podcast' and 'World Championship Air Race' podcast, I have interviewed more than 100 world class performers from across the globe. I now share these insights, together with lessons learned from more than two decades of professional aviation, as a keynote speaker.

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Global Top 3% Podcast

The Alex MacPhail Podcast has interviewed some of the worlds' top achievers, including many World Champions, Astronauts, Entrepreneurs and Conservationists.

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Great job Alex, people like you are the anchor of this country.

Dr Nicksy Gumede-Moletsi
United Nations

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